Fresh off the plane from the season finale of The Biggest Loser, Damien & Nicole paid a visit to their neighbors and showed off their rocking bodies! They are so inspiring! They have muscles now! If you haven’t seen their before pictures, go to the NBC website to check them out. All I know is that they have motivated me to workout harder. Count them – Damien lost 136 pounds, Nicole lost 123 pounds in 7 months…all before their August wedding! (I know I’m overdosing on the exclamation points today, but all this weight loss makes me giddy!!!)

For you brides & grooms getting in shape before your big day, let me pass on their secret for continued weight loss – work out in the morning AND in the evening. I know it seems difficult, but Nicole literally just got off the plane and bicycled around the park before attending to anything else. Inspiring I’ll tell ya! By now you know they didn’t win the big prize, but they’ll always be Brooklyn “Biggest Losers!” Congrats on your amazing weight loss Damien & Nicole!

Check out the photos below. (NOTE: I had to blur out the logo. I don’t want NBC suing me or anything.) Enjoy!

Brooklyn's biggest winners...

Brooklyn's biggest winners...
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