J’ouvert wake-up call…

September 7, 2009

J’ouvert is the only time I enjoy rising at four in the morning. For those unfamiliar, j’ouvert (pronounced ‘juuvay’) is a large party to celebrate daybreak with the sweet melodies of steel drums, beginning before dawn and ending a little after sunrise. It’s like Mardi Gras & Halloween rolled into one. Attendees dress in all sorts of bizarre costumes, sometimes as demons & angels, political & controversial figures and douse folks with powder, water, colorful paints, mud, and oil while dancing in the streets. It’s the kick-off to the massive West Indian Day Parade, which is the largest parade in the world. I have to go rest up now. Hopefully I’ll see you waving your flag pon de parkway later today! Photos below –

Steel Drums

steel drumming

Green People

green people



sparkly caravan

sparkly things

little drummer girl

little drummer girl

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