glove original michael-jacksonSo, I’ve been obsessed with everything Michael Jackson since his death in June. In the time since, single, white, sequined, rhinestoned, and bedazzled gloves have been auctioned off everywhere. The original MJ glove…the left-handed glove he wore on Motown’s 25th-anniversary TV special in 1983 (when he debuted the moonwalk and sang Billie Jean live) will finally go on the auction-block for many enthusiastic buyers, I’m sure. 

I thought about bridal gloves and wondered, how do you get a wedding ring over that??? Wedding gloves are often fingerless today, but many from the 20th century weren’t. Does anyone wear them anymore? 

17th century – It was customary among wealthy burghers of the seventeenth century for a future husband to present his fiancee with a pair of gloves upon their engagement. The bride would wear the gloves on her wedding day, only removing them when she gave her pledge, baring her hand for the bridegroom to hold. This luxuriously executed pair of gloves is made of thin white leather. The embroidery on the cuffs – the multicoloured silk, goldthread, pearls and spangles – is in the shape of various symbols associated with love and marriage.

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