So I woke up this morning, Inauguration Day, and saw this in my Brooklyn nabe – 

Invasion of the butterflies!

Invasion of the butterflies!

Change in Monarch-y!

Change in the American Monarch-y!

How’s that for CHANGE! Obama said it was coming!

I wasn’t sure what the orange flags represented but I soon saw a film crew & extras setting up to shoot scenes. Apparently it’s for a new NBC drama called KINGS (which has nothing to do with Kings County aka. Brooklyn). I don’t know how much of the Brooklyn Museum will be on the show, but it’s nice to see my neighborhood in films again. For some reason, automobile and pharmaceutical companies are fond of filming their commercials at the museum. I’d personally love to photograph a wedding or two on that balcony.

Speaking of filmmaking, have you seen those breathtaking shots of the National Mall  in Washington D.C. this morning? It is definitely not CGI.

not CGII repeat, no CGI. Those are real people…100s of thousands of them to  witness the inauguration of President Barack Obama! What an amazing sight. I “cried my eyelashes off” like Oprah at Obama’s Democratic Nomination and Presidential Election wins, so I’m sure I’ll need my Kleenex in an hour. No matter what you do today or what party you supported, we will surely make history. 

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