The bouquet toss was made popular when reception guests grabbed at the flowers, bridal gown, headpiece…anything she wore to capture a little piece of her joy. It became such a trend that her dress was in shreds by the end of her wedding day. To preserve her gown, she quickly tossed her bouquet to satisfy the crowd and watched the results from afar. A good catch meant the lucky single lady would find the guy of her dreams and soon marry. And the bride could leave her reception fully clothed!

Some brides have opted to ditch the toss altogether because they would rather keep the bouquet as a memento. But all is not lost. Less expensive synthetic bouquets are replacing them. Most of the time, though, they get stuck in the reception hall chandelier. It can be quite entertaining to see everyone waiting in suspense as the caterer inevitably rescues the bouquet from the clutches of crystal drops!
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