{minna tip} #23

January 29, 2010

Hi grooms – I know I usually focus on your brides, but occasionally I do talk directly to you. Here are a few beneficial tips for you. It’s your big day too! I want you to be the best you can be. So here goes –

01. Try not to drink too much the night before your wedding unless you want to look hung-over in your photos. Save it for the big party (after your speech, of course)

02. Trim your nostril hair. Believe it or not when you smile, sometimes the camera picks it up, and it interferes with your otherwise, polished look. Trimmers will do the trick

03. Designate a groomsman to become the expert on pinning flowers to your lapels. Too often, I’ve seen droopy flowers fall off before the groom has taken his vows

04. Designate another groomsman to become the expert on pocket squares. Make sure they are all folded and placed in the same manner

05. When you kiss your bride, hold your smooches for a few more seconds than you normally would. No need to rush with a quick peck. It gives me more chances to get a great kissing shot

06. When you go for the garter, don’t be afraid to work it! Your playfulness makes for fun photos and I’m sure your bride will enjoy the show

07. Many of your weddings are in the summer. Some grooms have bald and shined heads. Carry a package of oil-blotting papers to dull the shine a bit. These papers work well on oily noses and foreheads too

08. When you and your groomsmen are getting ready, bring a bunch of black dress-socks with you, just in case your groomsmen wear the wrong color socks or athletic socks

09. Remember grooms…your photos are so important to your brides. She will appreciate every effort you and your groomsmen make to look your best

10. If you can’t remember any of these tips on your wedding day, remember this…smile, kiss your bride often and have fun!

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3 Responses to “{minna tip} #23”

  1. Those are great tips! I love the one about working for the garter.

  2. katy gray said

    great article! love the tip about the nose hair. 🙂

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