{minna tip} #21

September 12, 2009

Save the hangover – I don’t know if you’ve seen any summer blockbusters, but one of the funniest films of the season is THE HANGOVER! It’s about three friends who lose the groom before his wedding day due to a ‘hangover.’ They spend the entire film retracing their steps until they find their buddy. Grooms, it’s your wedding day too. The best thing you can do for your bride is to be at the alter, bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, clear and refreshed. The camera doesn’t lie and can easily spot redness in the eyes, flushed skin tones, and lethargy. Sure. Go have a great time with your friends, but get enough rest after your bachelor party, so you don’t look eternally hung-over in your wedding day photographs.

brooklyn | manhattan | queens | new york city | wedding photographer

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