{minna tip} a blast from the past…

August 17, 2009

Are you guys sweltering yet? It’s very, very, very hot in NYC, for those of you out of town. Finally we’re getting the summer we thought would be rained out forever. I was inspired to post this {minna tip} blast-from-the-past. Hot summer wedding photos benefit greatly from these little babies. Read on:

oil-blotting-papersBlot out instead of applying more – One great but small investment you can make on your wedding day is good money spent on Oil Blotting Papers. Powder applied to your professional make-up can become caked-on and harder to fix as your wedding day progresses. With oil blotting papers, you can easily dab out oily areas…usually the forehead, nose, chin, and for the guys, your freshly shaved heads, too! The oilier the skin, the more shiny blowouts appear in your wedding photos. So do yourself a favor and place a few blotting papers in your bridal clutch and vest pockets to combat oil.

brooklyn | manhattan | queens | new york city | wedding photographer

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