{minna tip} #13

May 3, 2009

Rely on your bridesmaids  –Why? Because they rock! Bridesmaids have the most awesome job on their friend’s wedding day, and that is to make sure the bride looks great! Here are a few things to help her out: Tilt those flowers – remember to tilt your flowers away from your body just a tiny bit toward the camera. That way, we get to see how lovely the flowers are arranged. Straighten that dress – if the bride’s gown has a train on it, straighten that dress when she gets to the altar, so she continues to look great from the back in her photos. Perform emergency surgery – Have a bag of emergency tools ready to assist with any hair & make-up touch-ups as the day progresses…especially through happy-tears and meals! Provide handkerchiefs, tissues, lipstick, blush…anything that will preserve her gorgeousness throughout the evening. Reduce stress – You’re her buffer from any stressors that may arise on her special day. Do whatever you must to squash it. She’ll look better in pictures and she’ll thank you later!

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