{minna tip} #8

March 11, 2009

Utilize those moments of bridal preparation before walking down the aisle – Those few precious hours getting ready for the big show with your girlfriends & close family members is often filled with plenty of emotions….emotions you might otherwise miss, photojournalistically, if you’ve chosen to schedule your event from the ceremony, on. Nothing beats a room full of yakking, laughing, and crying between loved ones! Plus all of your bridesmaids are in the same room. Your faces are freshly made-up & your hair is in place. You know where your bridal bouquets are. And your dresses are still perfectly clean. Once the day gets going, it’s harder round-up the major players in your wedding, especially between courses at the reception. So take advantage of those warm, intimate moments with family and your bridal party prior to the ceremony.

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