January 6, 2009



I must admit, occasionally I do indulge in vintage You Tube clips of classic soap operas. I was delighted to find Luke & Laura’s infamous wedding episode from 1981. Besides the notably long monologues and sweeping dramatic scenes, what struck me most about the episode was Laura’s GIGANTIC puffed-sleeved wedding gown. The absence of bare shoulders and arms in yesteryear’s bridalwear, got me thinking…

Where did the sleeves go? Where are the puffed ones, pleated ones, capped ones, slitted ones…dolman sleeves, ruffled sleeves…sleeves with shoulder pads, sleeves with crinoline, sleeves with fringe & epaulets? Have they been permanently abandoned and left in the 80s with Luke & Laura, Dynasty, and the royal nuptials of Charles & Diana?
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2 Responses to “FLASHBACK: Sleeves”

  1. GC said

    thank you thank you thank you
    I’m glad someone finally said it
    sleeves have disappeared–even spaghetti straps have vanished
    even bridesmaids find they are mostly freezing to death if the weather isn’t sunny or the event is in a cold season!

    Yet men’s fashion remains the same

  2. minnafoto said

    I would be shocked if I saw a whole bridal party with sleeved dresses! If it gets a little cool at night, a wrap of some kind is worn around the shoulders.

    Thanks for stopping by!

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